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We caught up with the brilliant comedian/musician Reggie Watts (IFC’s Comedy Bang Bang) in San Francisco at the Outside Lands Music Festival and asked him about how he eats on tour:

Food is important, but when you tour you sometimes end up eating some pretty sh*tty food. Which sucks.

But I do try to find out the great restaurants to go to before I go to a city. Like I went to Heirloom Cafe the other day which was awesome. And I went to Zuni and had their famous chicken.

If I am in town more than a day then I have a high chance of actually going somewhere great that has a beautiful philosophy behind it — a philosophy about quality. I really love quality but sometimes you just gotta eat a hot dog cause there is nothing else around.

I wish we had Del Taco and Chipotle. They are really best in San Fran. You must visit them. Just so you know how terrible things can be.

BONUS: Watch this hilarious clip of Reggie and Michael Cera musically improvising on their love of food.

Photo and interview by Andrew Wintner of The Beat Advisory

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