Andrew Wintner, Founder and Chief Curator, is a music curator and branding veteran who started making mixtapes back in middle school. Now he heads up The Beat Advisory, where he oversees customized playlists for restaurants, hotels, bars and retail stores.

Throughout his career, Andrew has always been focused on hospitality and consumer engagement. Over the past 15+ years, he’s collaborated with industry leaders like Marriott Hotels, B.R. Guest Restaurants, The Palm Las Vegas and The Gerber Group/W Hotels. His passion for music and impeccable guest experiences led to the formation The Beat Advisory in 2011. 

Andrew’s work has been featured on NPR and He’s also been written up in publications like The New York Post, 944, and Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional.

A native New Yorker, Andrew now lives in Los Angeles, where he, oddly enough, subscribes to three different music streaming services and seeks out The New York Post print edition while soaking up as much live music as possible.