At The Beat Advisory, we always have exactly the right music for the moment. Our company designs expertly-curated playlists for leading hospitality and retail brands.

We’re true sonic perfectionists who’ll dig through stacks of vinyl, countless mixtapes and a million streams to find music that elevates your brand and matches your unique vibe. Everything we do is customized based on the flow of business and your target audience.

It all starts with recon. Once we have a deep understanding of your concept and the people you’re trying to reach, we’ll develop playlists that we test and refine until we achieve audibly great results.

If you’re planning a large-scale event, the Beat Advisory can book bands and DJs that draw crowds and create unforgettable experiences. We’ll track down artists who are organically right for your audience, time and place, then supervise a set list that hits all the right notes.

 It takes less than 60 seconds of music to change the way people feel about your brand. Get in touch with The Beat Advisory so we can help you tune in and tone up.